6250 unique
NTF Arcade machines

«CryptUP» Arcade is an 6250 NFT compilation with unconditional basic income for every owner. He will give you «CryptUP» tokens of x1000, x2000 or x5000 every month and with every AirDrop! Or you can exchange it for a REAL Arcade Machine!


Arcade Cab


  • _01

    «Cryptup» Arcade Machine

    is an arcade machine in the retro style of the 80's. Created for games using blockchain technology.
    «Hamster. Journey to the Moon» is an Arcade game using blockchain technology in which each player, relying on their skills and dexterity, can collect tokens from leading companies from the world of cryptocurrencies, such as «CryptUP», «DogeCoin», «ShibaInu», as well as receive collectible non-interchangeable NFT tokens. After the game, the player scans the QR code of his wallet and instantly receives the earned tokens and NFT to his wallet. Inspired by successful Arcade hits, the game combines the best of both worlds - an exciting journey for players who want to enjoy the gameplay, as well as an ecosystem for experienced players who want to collect and exchange tokens of the largest companies in the cryptocurrency market and receive collectible non-interchangeable NFT tokens.
  • _02

    «CryptUP» NFT (#0001...#6250)

    is a non–interchangeable NFT token, which is the first on the market to provide a unique opportunity to own a real arcade machine with the game «Hamster. Journey To The Moon». The total offer of «CryptUP »NFT is 6250 pieces and is available to everyone at opensea.io
    Ownership of CryptUP NFT token gives the right to:
    GameFI Farming: the right to receive «CryptUP» (CUP) tokens in the amount of x1000, x2000 and x5000 pieces, every calendar month of the year. The first payment takes place within 15 calendar days from the date of purchase of the NFT token.
    — The right to exchange: a non-interchangeable «CryptUP» NFT token for a real Arcade machine with the game «Hamster. Journey To The Moon».
  • _03

    «CryptUP» (CUP)

    is a proprietary Utility token that is used for the following functions:
    + Play and earn: collect «CryptUP», «DogeCoin», «ShibaInu» tokens during the game for subsequent sale on the «Uniswap» DEX exchange.
    + In-game Currency: Purchase in-game items and special skills in the «Hamster. Journey To The Moon» in-game store to upgrade your character and gain special skills to collect more tokens in the game.
    + Governance: Participate in the governance process through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and vote for suggestions for improving and developing the platform (for example, platform operations and development). Incentives for voters will be introduced to encourage voter participation.
    + Staking: Use the staking of «CryptUP» tokens to receive a percentage of the platform's revenue.
  • _04

    «Hamster. Journey To The Moon»

    develops its game economy on the blockchain to reward players for their participation in the game and distribute ownership rights to game items.
    + Decentralized ownership through NFT-based assets: Decentralized ownership of in-game assets such as game characters, jetpacks, super suits, etc.
    + Social functions: Real-time competitions within a single gaming session. Players can compete and receive weekly rewards for being in the top 20 leaderboard.
    + Trading Platform: An in-game trading platform that allows users to buy and sell their assets. This provides more liquidity and financial incentives for players to buy and collect items in the game.
  • _05

    «CryptUP» NFT Marketplace

    is a platform for the sale and exchange of non-interchangeable NFT tokens that give the right to own unique game items, as well as the sale and exchange of real arcade machines with a fixed income.
  • _06

    «CryptUP» DEX (Decentralized exchanges)

    is a decentralized exchange that focuses on the placement of tokens of gaming projects on blockchain technology.

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